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10 Dec 2010 - My nine-year-old is reluctant to go to school and complains of stomach pains. What shall we do?

01 Jul 2010 - My son says he can do a GCSE in personal finance. Is this is an exam subject? Is it worth taking?

17 Jun 2010 - My dyslexic daughter has found timed mental maths SATS questions a nightmare. Arenít tests like this unfair for children with her problems?

10 Jun 2010 - Pupils at my sonís school help man the reception desk but some parents are saying it exploits pupils and takes them away from lessons.

03 Jun 2010 - My daughter has been in daycare, will she be OK when she starts school? Can I do things to help her now?

27 May 2010 - Our son was planning to apply to university after getting his A levels but has now lost interest. Should we apply pressure?

20 May 2010 - My son has done no practical science at secondary school and is now completely turned off.

13 May 2010 - Will my unionís decision to boycott this yearís SATS tests undermine our professional authority?

06 May 2010 - The Lib Dems want to reduce class sizes but how much difference would this actually make to educational standards?

29 Apr 2010 - How can I keep my daughter calm before her GCSEs? We had real problems with my son last year.

22 Apr 2010 - My high-flying son has been rejected by three medical schools in Scotland. Is this anti-English? Ironically, we live in Essex but are Scots.

15 Apr 2010 - Will making teachers study for a masters degree really improve the quality of teaching?

08 Apr 2010 - My third child is failing to learn to read at school with phonics. What else can we try with her?

01 Apr 2010 - An incompetent teacher at our primary school is being Ďencouragedí to move on. Why canít she be got rid of?

25 Mar 2010 - I want to work as a secondary school PE teacher but am worried my dyslexia will be a handicap.

18 Mar 2010 - Is there any real value in learning poetry by heart? Are the Tories right to want it back in schools?

11 Mar 2010 - Our school may allow pupils to use mobile phones in the classroom. How can I best argue against it?

04 Mar 2010 - Who should be allowed to run schools? No one seems to be doing a good job of it. Do we need change?

25 Feb 2010 - Should I go and work at an international school, or will I end up in an educational backwater?

18 Feb 2010 - A pupil has behaved very violently towards me and my confidence has gone. What can I do?

11 Feb 2010 - My two pre-school children are ambidextrous. Will they have learning problems later on?

04 Feb 2010 - How can I persuade my son to choose A level sciences when he says they are too hard?

28 Jan 2010 - We object to our daughterís school showing Disney films during 'wet play'. What can we do?

21 Jan 2010 - At a parent-teacher evening our sonís form teacher kept saying he used Ďmetacognitioní in teaching. What was he talking about?

14 Jan 2010 - Our childrenís flourishing primary school has been put in Ďspecial measuresí. Do inspectors know how much damage this does?

07 Jan 2010 - My New Yearís resolution is to find a new career. Can I be a primary teacher with a degree in business studies?

03 Dec 2009 - Can our son refuse to join his schoolís Ďfingerprintí canteen system and still have a hot meal at lunchtime?

26 Nov 2009 - My daughterís sixth form art trip to Paris has been badly controlled in the past. I donít want her to go.

19 Nov 2009 - I want to become a childminder but friends say the job has become a nightmare under the Early Years Foundation Stage.

12 Nov 2009 - I am very physical in how I teach drama. My new head has told me to change. Do I have to?

29 Oct 2009 - Is there really a right age for children to start school? Why do we spend so much time arguing about it?

22 Oct 2009 - Parents have been banned from drinking lager at the school gate. What other school gate behaviours should we clamp down

15 Oct 2009 - My teacher brother is switching to an easier exam board for better results. Why donít all students sit the same exam?

08 Oct 2009 - Most computing jobs now go to foreign graduates. Why do our schools do such a bad job of encouraging pupils into this vital area?

01 Oct 2009 - We are a musical family. Do our two children have to go to private schools to get a decent music education?

24 Sep 2009 - Should we be worried about the large amount of maths time our daughter is spending with the teaching assistant in her class?

17 Sep 2009 - Our children, aged 11 and 15, donít to go to sleep until late, and seem unfit for school in the morning

10 Sep 2009 - My sonís independent school doesnít post his reports home until the start of the holidays. Should we complain?

13 Aug 2009 - Local authorities now have to offer out of school activities by law, but children in many deprived areas still arenít getting any. What can be done?

30 Jul 2009 - We pay school fees, and taxes for education. Why should we also pay to Ďproveí our childrenís school is a charity?

22 Jul 2009 - Iím doing A levels and supposed to be aiming at university, but Iíve got no motivation for what Iím doing.

16 Jul 2009 - Iím the head of a primary school where pupils are getting fatter. What can I do? We already teach about diet and exercise.

06 Jul 2009 - Now the national strategies have been abolished wonít we just return to the old free-for-all that harmed so many children?

02 Jul 2009 - Should we set up a parents' council at my daughter's secondary school. How do they work? What do they do?

25 Jun 2009 - Whatís so great about schools in Sweden? Are they really so good we should copy them?

18 Jun 2009 - Iím a teacher who feels out of step with my schoolís rewards-based culture. Children are applauded for every little thing they do.

11 Jun 2009 - Why should learning about computers and technology be put at the heart of the primary school curriculum?

04 Jun 2009 - Should my children go to a good local maths tutor who is rumoured to behave suspiciously with pupils?

28 May 2009 - How can we make our childrenís new school provide for them as gifted pupils? The head makes us feel pushy.

21 May 2009 - I have been asked by my school to look into how we can teach first aid, and am very anxious to get any advice right.

07 May 2009 - Whatís wrong with giving primary schools more independence? Why do teachers hate change?

30 Apr 2009 - Our son graduates this summer and is thinking about doing a Masters. But will it improve his job chances?

23 Apr 2009 - One of my pupils seems to have signs of abuse but she comes from a good family where this would be unbelievable.

16 Apr 2009 - Is there anything that can help schools provide better for children with summer birthdays? My grand-daughter falls into this category.

09 Apr 2009 - My daughterís school is not preparing students for the new A* level grade at A level. What should she do?

26 Mar 2009 - I donít want to see disgraced bankers as teachers. Teaching now seems to command no respect.

19 Mar 2009 - At my daughterís pre-school staff walk around with hot drinks. I am worried but donít want to make a fuss.

12 Mar 2009 - I want to apply for a school headship but worry that I might not be able to stand up against government interference

05 Mar 2009 - My school mentor is always criticising me and talking to me as if Iím an idiot. What can I do?

26 Feb 2009 - Can cricket be used to raise school standards? Or is this just another education gimmick? Iím not a cricket fan.

19 Feb 2009 - Should schools really teach children moral values, like a new report says? Or is this a job for parents?

12 Feb 2009 - I found my 13-year-old watching a vile rap video on the Internet. Do parents have any idea what their children look at?

05 Feb 2009 - Multiple choice questions can be harder if you read the question carefully or have a deeper understanding. Surely this is wrong?

29 Jan 2009 - My son is quite disorganised. Could I get him labelled as dyslexic, and get him extra time in exams?

22 Jan 2009 - Isnít it daft it is to push people into university then have to set up special employment schemes for them?

15 Jan 2009 - Should you stream children or have mixed-ability classes? The schools near us all do it differently.

08 Jan 2009 - As a teacher my wish for 2009 is for the Government to get off our backs. What do others want?

11 Dec 2008 - My daughter cannot take GSCE triple science, despite the government saying it is her "entitlement". What can I do?

04 Dec 2008 - Lots of parents in my area are putting their children in for Kumon maths. Should mine do it, too?

27 Nov 2008 - Now my children are older Iíd like to get a qualification, but I didnít do well at school. What are access courses?

20 Nov 2008 - Why are we excluding so many under-fives from school? It is ridiculous. Are their carers and nursery workers no good?

07 Nov 2008 - My primary school children get only twenty five minutes for lunch and no time to play. What I can do?

01 Nov 2008 - The Government wants more team sports in schools. My daughter would hate this, but needs exercise. Shouldnít schools be helping children like her?

30 Oct 2008 - If so many teachers want caning brought back as a school punishment, surely there must be good reasons for it?

16 Oct 2008 - We are moving in the New Year. How will we find a primary school without league tables?

09 Oct 2008 - I am a geographer who has been asked to teach some maths classes at my school. How can I brush up my rusty skills fast?

02 Oct 2008 - Is my local Steiner school a hippy sort of place, or worth thinking about for our daughter?

29 Sep 2008 - I believe the experience of parents is undervalued in the workplace. But will Sarah Palin help my cause?

25 Sep 2008 - Text spelling in school? Are we mad? Why does everything have to be made so easy for children today?

11 Sep 2008 - My child has headlice and his teacher says he is likely to get re-infected. How can I best keep him nit-free?

04 Sep 2008 - Why should Academies be put in charge of primary schools? What do they know about primary education?

28 Aug 2008 - How can we help support our son who is starting school this autumn aged just four and two months?

17 Jul 2008 - Our 11-year old wants to be a vet. He is above-average academically but not outstandingly so. Should we encourage him?

10 Jul 2008 - Help! After a year at secondary school our 12-year-old daughter has become a rebel whose work is going backwards.

03 Jul 2008 - My daughter was ill during A levels. What can she do? She doesnít want to spend her gap year doing re-sits

26 Jun 2008 - What is wrong with the Early Years Foundation Stage? Iím a childminder, and havenít seen anything that bothers me.

05 Jun 2008 - School cadet corps -- good or bad? As a woolly liberal do I cheer when my boys want to join?

29 May 2008 - How can I tutor my 13-year-old London pupils about violence on the streets without making them even more anxious?

22 May 2008 - My daughter often gets after-school detentions, and then I have to drive to fetch her. Why not have lunchtime ones?

15 May 2008 - Can you ever make a good film about teaching? In the recent Happy Go Lucky the girl made a completely unconvincing primary teacher.

08 May 2008 - I am a PE teacher in an inner city school. How do I get reluctant teenage girls moving? Nothing works.

30 Apr 2008 - One of my maths teachers is in a relationship with a former pupil. What, as his head, do I do?

24 Apr 2008 - Our daughter wants to take the new diploma in IT. We like the idea, but worry there could be problems.

17 Apr 2008 - Why should we fund public youth projects that teach youngsters things like how to record violent rap songs?

10 Apr 2008 - Our seven-year-oldís teacher resents her because she is bright and precocious. Our daughter is unhappy. What can we do?

27 Mar 2008 - I teach more and more children on the autistic spectrum. Why is the incidence of this going up so fast?

13 Mar 2008 - Our daughterís teacher has criticised her for not being willing to share her feelings at circle time.

06 Mar 2008 - Does it matter if a pupil does a double science award at GCSE, instead of three separate sciences?

28 Feb 2008 - My daughter doesn't have a good memory, which is a real handicap for her in exams. Can we do anything to help her?

14 Feb 2008 - Why do you have to have a qualification to teach adults? Doesnít it put people off sharing their skills?

01 Feb 2008 - My twins only get half an hour for lunch. The school says itís for discipline reasons. What can we do?

25 Jan 2008 - Isnít raising the school leaving age to eighteen stupid? In my experience, nothing works for youngsters unless they motivate themselves.

17 Jan 2008 - Is there evidence that bedtime stories are good for children? I work and my children sometimes have a tape.

10 Jan 2008 - My 14-year-old always texts and listens to music while working. Should I stop her? She does well at school.

13 Dec 2007 - Education isnít all bad news. What are the best memories you, and your readers have of the past year?

06 Dec 2007 - My 11-year-old is upset because he has been told to mime in the Christmas concert. Can I help him learn to hold a tune?

29 Nov 2007 - All children reading by six? Will teachers ever be able to make politicians understand how education really works?

22 Nov 2007 - Why bring in academic diplomas, as well as technical diplomas, for sixth formers when we already have a perfectly good A levels?

15 Nov 2007 - My sons are financially ignorant and know nothing about mortgages and interest rates. Shouldnít they be taught them at school?

08 Nov 2007 - Should my grandson take a year out from university, get some work experience, then go back to try for a First?

01 Nov 2007 - My daughter says her teachers are as good as those winning Teaching Awards. Why have these awards? We donít for doctors and nurses.

25 Oct 2007 - Our 12-year-old wants to be a doctor. Her school is not strong at science. Should she go to private school?

18 Oct 2007 - I read that silent reading first thing each day helps secondary-age children read better. Why donít all schools do it?

11 Oct 2007 - I want to take an MA but I work and have a family. Distance learning would be easiest, but I hanker after classes.

04 Oct 2007 - Our children are moving to a primary school that gives children a taste of many languages. What about their French?

27 Sep 2007 - What should primary teachers wear? I think my young staff are too casual. Am I out of touch?

20 Sep 2007 - Teaching happiness when children canít even master basic English and maths? How can people be so stupid?

13 Sep 2007 - My daughter is set on going to Oxford but may not get in. Should we encourage her or not?

06 Sep 2007 - Where can I find out information about how to help the boys in my class catch up with the girls?

30 Aug 2007 - Iíve been taught to cater for different kinds of learners in my lessons. Now Iíve read that this is nonsense.

09 Aug 2007 - Iím a new, male graduate who would like to be a primary school teacher but worry how people will react

02 Aug 2007 - My childrenís RE teacher says she would teach that intelligent design is an alternative theory to evolution. I am shocked.

26 Jul 2007 - As a long-time primary teacher my heart sinks at topic work returning to the classroom. Younger colleagues say Iím wrong.

19 Jul 2007 - When will private schools start to partner state schools? Our mediocre comprehensive badly needs help from its public school neighbours.

12 Jul 2007 - My students canít construct arguments, and all of them cut and paste in essays. Do people understand that this is how things are universities now?

05 Jul 2007 - Surely there are better ways for schools to be accountable than with our tests and targets culture?

28 Jun 2007 - Help! My husband wants our daughter to go to private school, I want her to go to school locally

21 Jun 2007 - My daughter is so shy it is hampering her experience of primary school. How can I help her?

14 Jun 2007 - Childrenís reading and writing are not improving. Are schools to blame, or is this the limit?

07 Jun 2007 - As a lifelong Tory I donít get it. Why turn away from grammar schools? They work.

31 May 2007 - Why build a new school with no playground? Surely even secondary school children need to let of steam?

24 May 2007 - My son says he intends to study computer games and advertising in the sixth form. Whatís he talking about?

17 May 2007 - My daughterís English teacher says you canít switch todayís pupils onto Shakespeare. Surely sheís is wrong?

03 May 2007 - My boys never speak in sentences. They only grunt. Why donít schools teach children to speak properly?

26 Apr 2007 - Our sonís teachers are accusing him of causing trouble in class. He says they are racist.

19 Apr 2007 - Doesnít music help children to learn better? I want my daughterís reception class to do more of it.

12 Apr 2007 - How can I get my pupilís parents more involved in their education? Nothing works at our primary school.

05 Apr 2007 - Shouldnít children be taught to type and write at the same time? They need typing more than writing.

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