Backbone: How To Build The Character Your Child Needs To Succeed My new book gives a baby-to-teen guide to developing the Six Key Character Strengths that all children need inside themselves to learn well. Together they form a strong, flexible BACKBONE that will support any child to learn with confidence, build great relationships, bounce back from disappointments, feel strong and true inside themselves and grow up to live a happy, fulfilling life. £ 2.99 - BUY BOOK
About me
I am an education journalist and writer with a passionate interest in how thoughtful and loving parenting is the true foundation of any child’s success, happiness and fulfilment at school.

My books outline the care, respect, boundaries and balance that are needed for children to grow their inner strength and confidence, and suggest hundreds of practical ways to put these in place at home.

They also encourage schools and parents to work more closely together for the good of all children.

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